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Планировка кухни скачать программу

Описание: Планировка кухни скачать программу
Имя файла: planirovka-kuhni-programmu

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Do you want to design a room online using a free 3D floor plan software?
Do you want to create your own floor plans and virtual interior design for your apartment or house? Do you want to choose the colour of the walls, floor and furniture? Do you want to get realistic 3D images in just a few minutes? Start work in Planoplan!
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Resident evil | alean

The Planoplan catalogue contains over 500 furniture and interior decor items. You can change the dimensions, colours, width and shade of the covering and add a gloss or matt finish.

You can select a typical apartment from a set of ready-made layouts, edit it, or draw your own from scratch.

Planoplan has furniture from real manufacturers. Try it and adjust it to your taste and colour.

3D rendering from any point and 2D layout

Important functions at your fingertips

Take a virtual tour of your dream apartment

4 export types:
  • plan
  • view from above
  • three quarters Perspective view of your layout
  • widget View of layout from all sides
  1. Click the button

  2. Create a screenshot

  3. Get a 3D–image

On the background you can load a plan and draw over it

Objects are grouped
and are added by dragging, and the most popular are displayed for faster access. Save objects, colours and textures that you like in your Favourites

The Live search returns results instantly and understands what you're looking for

A professional will charge about 350€ to do this.
Anybody can do this and it is Completely Free.

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